Open Houses Work!

We are huge fans of open houses. They provide a low-stress low anxiety atmosphere for potential buyers to see your listing. A lot of realtors don’t like to do open houses and feel they don’t do anything to sell a property.

THEY ARE WRONG!  See why listings Expire

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

Best day for an Open House

Open houses are a long-standing tradition in the sale of residential real estate to expose more people to a home for sale. Open houses are normally held on weekends to capture more traffic because most people are off work on weekends. The real estate agents put out signs on boulevards or near street corners to draw drive-by traffic and usually list the homes in the real estate sections of newspapers to bring in more people.

Agents Preparation

Before the open house is held, real estate agents may list the home in the want ads of the local newspaper, put a notice of the open house on their website or on sites where the home is listed online, and put up signs in the neighborhood to alert passing drivers to the open house. The agents prepare a fact sheet for people to take with them that includes the details of the home, the neighborhood, and may even give school district information if in a family neighbourhood.  Balloons anything to get direct exposure to the local traffic as well.  Publish it as a new listing gives you more opportunities for people to view it.

Seller Responsibilities

Before the open house, the seller needs to clean the house, remove the clutter, and sweep and clean around the yard and patios. Maybe add potted flowers by the front door to improve the appearance of the front of the house or they buy fresh flowers to put on a coffee table or dining room table. Do not leave valuables out during an Open house put them in a secure place.

Agent Open House

Is when your agent invites other agents to view the house for their prospective clients.  Especially if you don’t want to open your home to the public.