We are Experts at Selling Expired Listings

We know the Vancouver Real Estate market like the back of our hand.  We are the experts in selling Expired Real Estate Listings in Vancouver bar none!  We will be diligent in marketing your property to ensure you get the best exposure for your home so it sells as quickly as possible.  See our most recently SOLD Expired Listings.

What is an Expired Listing?

On the off chance that you are uncertain what an ‘Expired Listing’ is when a Listing Contract on a condo, house, townhouse or property has come to the end of its life. The Realtor who has the listing contract has failed to sell your home or bring you an acceptable offer that a Buyer has removed subjects on. The property’s status in MLS (the Multiple Listing Service) consequently changes from ACTIVE (which means FOR SALE with an agent) to EXPIRED (which means NOT FOR SALE with an agent) and along these lines, accessible for anybody and everybody to call to pitch their services. In all actuality, being an EXPIRED implies that your home did not sell and we are here to let you know why.  Read More

We can sell your Expired Listing!

You had a problem selling your home and the listing expired, what do you do now?  Let us help you!  We are very successful in selling listings that have expired with other Realtors.  We will walk you through the process to make sure your home sells this time.  Finding the right agent to sell your home after having failed the first time, regardless of the reason, would be a great outcome. See how to sell an Expired Listing.